Every Sama barangay in the mainland have a public-school

Every Sama barangay in the mainland have a public-school

Brand new society of your Yakans is similar to new Tausugs. The interior foundation lies on the fresh spirit out-of martabat. Towards the outer front, spiritual establishment particularly masjid and madrasa, items therefore the vast number out of Yakan professionals, ulema, politicians and you can competitors strengthened then the potency of the fresh new Yakan people. Both of these fundamentals are completely planted in the heart of the new Yakans. This can be the genuine power. The trouble of your Yakans now is to lead its young age group to say its liberties and create depend on in their both issue and you may non-issue people.

The newest Sama title derived from the definition of sama-sama meaning that togetherness or cumulative energy

six. The fresh new Sama. The latest Sama everyone is very distributed and you can strewn on the Sulu Archipelago. They are geographically diversified as a result of its connection with coastal products and you will angling. There are four sandwich-groups that define the newest Sama people. Helping both represents norm of the Sama somebody. As part of the Sama category are definitely the Badjao referred to as sea-gypsies away from Sulu Archipelago and you may Celebes ocean. During the Malaysia, he or she is named Orang Laut. A few of these definitions point out them as being ship some one. It usually go from one island to a different, residing in its small-boat to possess months if hitch giriÅŸ you don’t days instead of mooring or arriving at area to buy their needs. The fresh Badjao do not present a long-term people such as the Arab plus the Cossacks from inside the main China. They haven’t yet in a position to make a political establishment which can improve its collective notice of the neighborhood. Their societal business do not strategy probably the number of an effective clan, in such a way, as they don’t have any accepted people leader. The public build try leveled. Rich people otherwise elitism is very absent when you look at the Badjao community. All of them end up in poor people strata. Family unit members construction ‘s the merely factor that helps to make the Badjao people possible. Opportunities and you will requirements are spent on most of the user on mothers down to kids, in the adult toward family. The daddy acts as leader; the caretaker is in charge of cooking; college students collect flames woods from the coastal section, and assists assemble sea-food and you may bring liquids. Once the seen, the complete Badjao family constitutes also the monetary tool, which means that, all of them need come together (sama-sama) for their emergency.

Brand new Badjao somebody call themselves Sama Laut

Impoverishment and you will backwardness certainly are the a few earliest products one has actually most of the Badjao relatives regarding sending kids to school. Children are requisite home otherwise have to match the mothers within the research of its day-after-day sustenance. For this reason the brand new Badjao neighborhood suffers a high illiteracy price. Lower than 1 percent normally read the Qur’an or Roman alphabet. Their expose condition have deteriorated. He could be highly confronted by new oppression out-of Tausug warlords. They could be cheated in some monetary items. Limited prize or payment are offered for their labor, and you will good deal because of their products, such lobsters and you may fish.

The new Sama people who populated Tawi-Tawi are called because of the their place of quarters. For this reason, there is the Sama Balimbing, Sama Simunul or Sama Sibutu. These types of communities boast of being the origin of all Sama sub-communities strewn about Sulu Archipelago. It inhabited most top isles from Tawi-Tawi. Throughout mainland the newest Sama focus was confined in order to Balimbing and you can Sapa-Sapa. These folks provides a high level regarding literacy rate compared to almost every other Sama sandwich-group. High organization training is additionally available including the MSU-Tawi-Tawi and also the Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College or university (TRAC). Most top authorities ranking take place from the Sama. Such as the Tausugs, the fresh Sama come in contact with almost all sphere out-of discipline and you will extremely common to get him or her in federal firms consuming secret ranks.

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